Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ookay what happen to my life? Lets list all down shall we?
  • Already in semester break until 26+ dec
  • Lazy to work so I spend my time with reading novels
  • Also busy-ing myself with taking Motorcycle lesson (nak ambil lesen katakan)
  • Finally got the scholarship money from JPA (RM3719)
  • With the money I bought Digital Camera Olympus u850w (oh ya Zinc I didn't the buy the 1030w cause my bro tak bagi) it cost me RM999 + screen protector = RM1028.00
  • Then gave my parents RM500.00 each = RM1000.00
  • My parents going to perform HAJ on 29th nov and guess what? Aznil Hj Nawawi (actor/tv. host) also perform HAJ this year unfortunately his flight on 1st dec
  • Result will be out on 16th dec
  • Me register balik 26th dec (maybe since will start studying on 31st dec
  • Feel like changing both the blog address and layout... due to some circumstances that I need to get over...
Thats all I think.... hehe..... nanti lagi lah I update some more.. my internet connection at home slow bah...

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