Friday, April 25, 2008

I feel sorry... Don't wanna hurt u anymore

To Prof:
I know I've not been a supportive friend and I know I've hurt you to many time..
I'm sorry ...
Ever since, I enter Uni life
You are the only friend I have that knows me better
Whenever I'm mad, when ever I cry or laugh
You will be there...
We sleep under one roof
We eat on the same table
Day and night
Study or Entertainment
You are the person I go to
To share every single details
Now I feel sorry...
The sorry that I've never felt it for so long
Sorry that I always ruin your day
While you always trying to make my day
Here I promise to you
That I will try not to make you sad
cause you are the bestest friend and only true friend I have
Here in Malaysia..
So thank you...


20 years old

  • Girl thankz for everything.....
  • Happy 20th B'day.. hahahah 20 yo... like okay...haha the big 2.0.
  • hahahahahahhahahahahhaahha..
  • Wish everything for everything and celebrate gile gile tau ...
  • ALL the best!!!!!!!
  • Miss you lot...