Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NEWS from here to you...

UiTM is actually the most prestigious Uni in Malaysia
Every state in here surely have at least one ...
The one that Ive been put into is a newly built Uni.
Its called kampus Bandar Raya University Teknologi Mara..
The main Uni is in Segamat for Johor... But the actual main
Of cuz in KL..

So basicly Kampus bandar U know lah it would be VERY small
and LACK of certain resourses...but STIL its improving bit
by bit and that is an EXcellent thing...

The advantages for living in a small campus environment is
that you won't missed any class even if u late since its near..
and the lecturer will teach you n sometimes may recognise you..
A GOOD impression to a lecturer is VERY important ehehehehe

Oh shit .. there is soem technicl problem wif the server that made
me cant upload any pic her... lain kali i put up
lah okay? May be some video in the campus also hehehehe