Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well my sister, Kak Nor came back last Saturday unfortunately I can't really spend my time with her cause I got classes and all.. But anyway I manage to meet her and stay home with her for 2 days.. She will be back to Brunei on 31st I think but by 28th she already be in Kuala Lumpur...
Thats why kak next time come back early during the 1st raya if possible... ok? If not macam ni lah jadi nyer.. orang dah tak ada cuti baru nak balik... hahahaha

And guess who in the same flight with my sister the other day.. UMMI HANA ASILAH ABDUL HALIM (betul ke how I spell name? dah lupe a...) anyway. my mom told me that HANA tegur my mom... cause my mom said she look really different, "dia makin kurus and gelap"<-thats what my mom said ok not me.. and my mom called her cheese cake girl that why she don't remember her name... YES HANA cheese cake girl.. cause I love ur mom's home baked cheese cake... Sayang eh tani nda terjumpa... but anyway you just transit jer pun kan??hm.. Good luck with your life yeah..

Exam is around the corner but I still havent done any preparation for it... WHat should I do.???!?!?!
F#*k IT lah...

Everywhere I go, Everthing I do..
Through my eyes... you will see
The life I'm going through