Thursday, July 26, 2007


As you all might notice that I'm here doing nothing... just makan, minum, tidur... liat tv... mcm Okay not that I'm saying I'm lazy or what but there is nothing to do around here... The house is always clean and my mom always do the cooking so what am I supposed to do?
Yes.. you will be asking me to GET A JOB but... well it's not that simple... I'm going to blog that part some other time but for now the story is... F***
I'm Fat ... Parut Ku buncit anie Wah.... And my Weight now is 80kg.. just 2 weeks here I gained 5 kg like Sh*t.....

So i decide to go jogging tadi pagi so i did... i woke up as usual like 5am or so... to do pray and all... and when ku keluar rumah oh my Lord ... it's still dark... so i decided to go jog at 6.30am lah..

Yup it's still dark! But I must do what i have to do... So i run as fast as I could (well not actually jogging is it?) until I reach the traffic light kat bawah bukit... as you all know my house is on the hill dan di bawah nya ada traffic light which is the high way (i think) to kl, singapore and bandar jb

You see.. Pagi - pagi dah ada traffic jam and cars and all..well~you cannot actually see the cars cause my bad, I took the pic at a wrong angle... haha

And Finally I'm back... and you know what, its only been half an hour and I'm sweating like a pig... banyak lemak perlu di burn haha

If in Brunei 7am is like panas already but here as you can see in the pic above... like okay...

PAnatz huh? Okay then..
bye for now