Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes?! No?! Yes?!?!

Is it a mistake or is it a right thing to do?

I asked her to accompany me for dinner last night

Finally she agreed

But I should have known that yesterday is a Sunday night and it is the last episode of Mentor

So the number of people gathered and stayed at the front Tv. in the Cafeteria are unimaginable

I felt awkward when I first reach the cafe

Then I saw her sat beside her friends

I began to meet up my friends there and talked for a while

then I text her.. asked permission whether she sure wanted to be seen in the public together with me..

I replied its okay we are just friends right..

Then I began to take my steps towards her

Few steps left before I reached her table, I heard someone called up my name saying that my food was ready.

I turned and started towards counter

Paid for my food and walk straight towards her and sat beside her

I ate up my food while having conversation with her

then suddenly..Black-out...

We went back to our own college...

then the current went back on again...

I called her till my phone credits ran out..

During the called I asked stuff..

Stuff I thought I wouldn't ever ask

Did I make a mistake or it is just an opportunity for me..

I learned a lot about her now...

She tries to denies things but at the same she admits them...

But what I like about her..

She has the same principle as mine

So now we are like what people say " TEMAN Tapi MESRA"

No strings tied

Happy Birthday!!!


First of all I would like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to Naqy ... sorry dude.. baru nak post up here.. sorry .. this is the only picture aku terclick di minda hehehhe....

And I would also like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to Erin!!!!!! Yesterday birthday dia... Ko dah tue DOH!!!!!!!!! Anyways.. perkenalkan she is my Bestfren here in Malaysia... My twins in crime.. and my sister in sad moments...

Back to the story.. yesterday kitorang gi makan kat Jusco Tebrau, kat Stone Grill. Then went to watch movie .. Obsession.. the movie okay lah not bad...

Thankz to Ainz for belanja-ing hehehehehehe....hahah pictures will be post up later..