Friday, January 30, 2009

my new china phone.... heheh

it cost me RM570 for this cool china gadgets.. I bought it kat U-mall.. since I have 3 phone lines so I need 1 phone that works with 2 sim card at the same time.. the other line i use my dads punya motorola..
The china phone.. boleh tengok local tv.. radio.. ada sd memory card slot buleh liat 3gp dangar mp3.. camera nya basicly sux.. but the voice recorder excellent.. bleh record radio lagi... like.. wow.. basicly.. that all i need... yang nda bisai nya ada antena.. style lama bah..

Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been sick since 2 days ago.. got really bad soar throat.. no voice could come out pleasantly..
I could describe it as a donkey honking its voice *yeee.... nghok... yee nghok...*

Then pening - pening lagi with selesama. News from me.. i'm trying to catch up with my studies...especially statistical graph.. my god.. I could get migrant any time soon.

K lah.. bye..


Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have so many picture to post but something made this thing cant be uploaded... sasak ku eh...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Myza2L Happy Birthday!!!!

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

*SOB**SOB* Aku inda dapat celebrate your birthday lagi this year... sedih ku eh... Anyway..
Saya doakan awak:

  • Selamat Di Dunia Dan Di Akhirat

  • Dimurahkan Rezeki yang Berlimpah luak

  • Senyum Selalu (Seperti dalam gambar)

  • Stay Pretty Always

  • Stay Birah as always

  • Gembira Selalu

  • Last but at the least, Be my bestest friend for as long as anyone could ever remember.. please don't ever forget me..

So.. Have a blast with ur birthday.. if I'm not mistaken its 21th birthday, isn't it?

A key represent a passport for you entering the door of young adult-hood.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jalan jalan around Danga bay.

Me, Q***, L**** and E*** went night hunt last Sunday. Us four went to jalan jalan around JB, unfortunately there is nothing around.

Actually this jalan jalan thing was not planned. The planned was that I just fetched Q*** and L**** to accompanied me to terminal Larkin to fetch E*** that just came back from KL. She asked us to fetch her so that she could "belaja" us MAKAN.

Then after eating, we decide to watch movies at City Square. "Bed time Stories". The movie start at 8pm+ and finished at 10pm++ Of course us four couldnt go back to campus at that late time since our curfew is only until 6pm. So we decide to stay up till morning.

We cruise around JB, Went to Danga Bay. Take pictures here and there.

Around 3am + E*** and L**** at the back of the car already fell asleep. The only person sit beside me an d still awake was Q***. She talked to me while I was driving like a drunken man. We went to the Jusco I forgot the name.. just that it is one of the large-est Jusco around JB. And yes it WAS closed.. I drove there just to see the architecture and waste my time.. Then around 4am+ I couldn't stand staying up and to think of Q*** was also getting fed-up with my crap shit talk, I stopped and parked at Gas Station "Petronas" near to "Giant Tampoi". Buried my face on the steering wheels and closed my eyes shut.

Around 5 or 6am like that, I woke up found every one still asleep so when to the rest room to wash my face. Then drove back to campus.

Since we all had our class at 8am. There was still time for a quick napped. Those 3 girls went to their hostel then bump off they go to the fantasy land. But me I can't sleep!!! My eyes still wide-open. So just went class and all, without feeling sleepy. But when all my classes were finished at around 3pm. It just took me a few second to lay on the bed when the lights went off.


This is an experience that I wont forget.

p/s: i tried so many time to upload pictures but fail to do it. Sorry... I guess just another time lah k?


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Air Mata Versi Ska Rock hahahaha

Lagu sedih tarus jadi lagu cali anie wah...
Hilang sedih nya tarus hahaha.. mcm ska rock plang

Lawak - lawak.. hahaha I love it...

Miss them!!!

I got this from Nysa, early last year.. but I can't download it due to the poor server connection ... but now since I subscribe the broadband, I try again... dah dapat... wah!!!! I really miss them!!!

You guys make me laugh... every time I watched this vid

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Makan Pisang Goreng kat Mawar..

Kitorang terasa nak makan goreng pisang popular kat J.B. ni which is at Mawar...
Since my parents belum lagi balik and aku drive ke UiTM ulang alik dari rumah, so aku bawa dorang ke mawar.. Sedap .... And kitorang imagine ourself macam orang yang dah kerja plak tu, sebab kitroang pergi lepas class-time lunch- pukul 12pm hehehe...

Qyra, Erin, Mia, Me (blocking Mira and Linda hehe)

Qyra, Erin, Mia, Mira, Linda
Next time lagi k guys???!?!?!!
YEs I know my friends mostly girls.. I realised that... well not that I'm a faggot or anything.. its just that I always hang out with my twin(Erin) and my male friends seems to mind with that .. so.. aku malas nak fikir kan BiaR lah..
Come with me.... hahaha just kidding...

Boleh plak ada accident

HAHAHa tengah aku drive bawa Linda dan Erin, boleh plak ada accident tengah jalan.. Between Chinese and Indian plak tu.. the white and ugly car to of course indian punyer yang hitam tu Chinese... buat sesak jalan je dorang ni...

Lain kali drive carefully!!!!!

First time to be at A&W

This is the first time I enter A&W restorant.. ni pun sebab ikut Erin dan Linda... Not bad lah the food.. Just that A&W dah nak pupus kat Malaysia.. Kat Brunei apa lagi .. dah bankrupt hahahha

Lawa tak? NICE right??

Gi rumah Qyra N The Cars' Tyre..

Pergi rumah qyra lepas classs,sehari sebelum tahun baru hijrah. Tolong mak dia kopek buah tembikai hehehe... Sebab the parents do the cater for the function held in the "surau".

Lepas tu bapa qyra suruh kitorang ke surau ambil bekas untuk letak makanan2. Erin drive kereta bapa qyra, bila sampai je kat sana baru kitorang perasan yang tyre nya pancit hahahaa...

I try to fixed the tyre but the rime (betul ke spelling?) key tak jumpa.. called bapa dia, then bapa dia datang nak betulkan tapi patah plak key nya hahaahahah... so? we left the car there lah.. hahaah

Whatever happen to the car now, I wonder...

Lampu.. ape dah terjadi??

suppose to be like this

Tetiba je jadi macam ni

Sampai sekarang abang ajib belum panggil orang untuk repair... hopefully soon he calls them cause tinggal berapa hari je lagi abah dan emak nak balik...