Monday, April 14, 2008

Latest Picture of ME.... :p

Study WeeK

Well now actually dah cuti study week,

Every one went back home leaving me and 8 or 9 guys in the hostel with about 4 girls in the koleg siswi..

Everyone is asking me "y tak balik"

Not that aku tak nak balik... my house is really near... and If aku balik, aku tak dpt belajar..

Well I do admit dat I tak lah study sangat kat hostel.. but at least there is no distraction like...ASTRO.... and internet... well here pun masih aku online jugak tapi tak lame ... ape ape je lah...

I slept alone last night and surprisingly I survive... and I have a gud nite sleep..

As you guys nak tahu.. In my hostel.. I stay in a dorm... with double deck bed filled with 7 people...

And They all say that here, bangunan koleg siswa and siswi, ade hantu, malam ade kenA kacau and alll bullshit lah.... Im not being selfish or anything but you guys think too much!!!!...

Yes ofcuz this thing really exist.. It is everywhere actually just that we cannot c it...

So just act normallah... Thank god I never c one... and I hope I wud never c one...


Shue pun balik Shah Alam jugak, Dia nak belajar account with her parents since both her parents work in CIMB bank... The dads manager.. and the mom hmm... somethink like dat kot (i dont know).. in different branch. And her sister pun major in account so yea... I hope she uses all the help she has.

Me & Her

Shes in the Bas

MAthS!!! Test 3 REsulT

Okay thats the result i got for the last test I sat, not long b4...

shit soon its final exam.... gile lah....

Btw ni, 1st time ever i got 90% in my test huahuahuahauh bangga seh!!!!!!

Okay Now I'm going to list down the name from top to bottom the marks from my class.. Business Studies BM111 D1B1:

  1. Diyana Dewi 97%
  2. Hairul Affandy 95%
  3. Erin (my twin) 90%
  4. Me 90%
  5. Assila 83%
  6. Hanny 80%
  7. Farah 79%
  8. Chi in 79% or 80% (dah lupe lh)
  9. Hadi 78%
  10. Rizal 77%
  11. Linda 77%
  12. Amirah 76%
  13. Mya 73%
  14. Radin 72%
  15. Ika 71%
  16. Afeeq 70%
  17. Shafeek 70%
  18. Nana 70%
  19. Syamin 68%
  20. Ain 67%
  21. P'nut 67%
  22. Rina 67%
  23. Sofia 66%
  24. Ita 64%
  25. Prof 62%
  26. Ima 61%
  27. Muz 59%
  28. Adika 58%
  29. Mujib 55%
  30. Botak 52%
  31. Dzul 50%
  32. Shue 49%
  33. Dila 47%
  34. Nur Khairah 46%
  35. Fauzi 29%

The one that I highlighted is my gang... Well.. this is just the last test ... what would happen in the final EXAMINATION?!?!?!?!

Gila!!! AGAK menakutkan lah kan... WAH!!!!