Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kursus Sembelih

My Uni as in UiTM JB held a programme called Kursus sembelih. They sembelih 100 ekor chicken and a cow. Supposely it started at 8am but due to everyone woke up "tooo early" it started at 9am or so...

Think I join sembelih the chicken?

Of cause NO..

Not because I couldn't or afraid , but it is because of the feeling of kesian... People said if sembelih and you rase kesian at the chickens, hukum dia tak sah... so I tak buat lah...

Just look at the picture... How ganas they are handling the chickens... carnival giler kan???!?? hehehe :P

But I tak lah curi tulang... I did help cume melapah lembu jer... It was fun thought..

After siap semua kerja, the staff cook the chickens and cow.. at lunch time thing about 3 or 4pm... everyone were called to eat secara ber-dulang... best... agak seronok ah... hhehe