Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everything is turn out to be okay..

This morning I kinda not myself and very fragile...
I terbangun pun because Erin called me up and ajak pergi jumpa Ms Raziah sebab she ada tersalah kira markah for 2nd test... So bersiap and when to her office.. Then borak - borak ngan her then after that *blank*
Tak tahu nak buat ape...
Macam for the first time I'm not being rational
Don't know why.. And receive text from N... asking me to jumpa HER and settle everything ..(it is paksaan but its good.. i really need that) Then I ask prof to set a meeting me and HER kat kafe waktu lunch... then we met.. I felt really awkward that make me said nothing.., nothing at all.. I just pretending to baca newspaper..(baca konon) and helping my friends buat maths.. haha pathetic !!!!!
I just want her to say "u nak jumpe i ke?" <- just that tapi tak ade pun.. like arhgh then few mins later she just went away..like okay.. then Prof said dia pergi dulu.. like arghh.. then aku pergi the nearest toilet, cause my system is breaking down.. lama gak aku kat sinking.. raising water through my face.. then rupanye prof ade kat dalam toilet jugak.. Shi* Malu seh.. tak pernah orang nampak I'm acting macam baby.. hahahahah Dia advice aku and all.. we talk and talk and talk.. then he told me.. that S... ada kat library then he asked me to pergi confront with her 'face to face'... So I kemas - kemas dan kesat all my tears...like okay.. (talor jua lah).. then I went to the library.. rupanya maybe She memang nak jumpa I.. Then we talk talk talk.. then we broke into laughter... Basicly its just missed communication.. Her friends yang buat andaian that She takut cause I take advantage her.. But actually She just takut and nervous sebab dah lama tak jumpa I.. since Kitorang just talk on the fone and text thats all and jumpa dah lama tidak sebab itu dia macam nervous and tak tahu ape nak cakap when jumpa... About me touching her and all.. what She told her friend is that dia cuma tak selesa cause she never done anything like that and I'm the first guy yang ever touch her.. Tapi dia tak nak tegur aku .. dia just rela kan je sebab when being with me dia rasa macam cair and all.. (okay thats weird) Like I told her if U think tak selesa, just tegur ... I tak kesah.. cuma please be jujur ...then everything dah settle..
I still like her.. And even more..
And now I can think rationally.. so back to study mode PEOPLE!!!!!!..
BLajar Blajar Blajar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH seriously.. I missed her too... now that I talk to her again.. like BEst nyer!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha K MOHD RAMDZAN BIN ISMAIL belajar!!!!! esok exam bel.. which english hahah WISH ME LUCK