Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes?! No?! Yes?!?!

Is it a mistake or is it a right thing to do?

I asked her to accompany me for dinner last night

Finally she agreed

But I should have known that yesterday is a Sunday night and it is the last episode of Mentor

So the number of people gathered and stayed at the front Tv. in the Cafeteria are unimaginable

I felt awkward when I first reach the cafe

Then I saw her sat beside her friends

I began to meet up my friends there and talked for a while

then I text her.. asked permission whether she sure wanted to be seen in the public together with me..

I replied its okay we are just friends right..

Then I began to take my steps towards her

Few steps left before I reached her table, I heard someone called up my name saying that my food was ready.

I turned and started towards counter

Paid for my food and walk straight towards her and sat beside her

I ate up my food while having conversation with her

then suddenly..Black-out...

We went back to our own college...

then the current went back on again...

I called her till my phone credits ran out..

During the called I asked stuff..

Stuff I thought I wouldn't ever ask

Did I make a mistake or it is just an opportunity for me..

I learned a lot about her now...

She tries to denies things but at the same she admits them...

But what I like about her..

She has the same principle as mine

So now we are like what people say " TEMAN Tapi MESRA"

No strings tied