Sunday, April 20, 2008

-black out- AGAIN hahak

Since I'm at home.. Ive been trying to read the Ctu book, I mean trying.. not actually reading it... I'm so lazy to read it.. I just hold the book and watch TV instead hahah.. Setan to many inside my mind... but I did manage to read sikit...

This is book That I have to read, I know it is small and short but I'm tooo Damn LAZY

And then yesterday, while I finished writing my blog... the current being cut off..I thought like all around the neighbourhood being cut.. Rupanye just my house hahak..Then I call abg sebelah rumah tengok kan the switch all .. rupanya ada short.. We called the tenaga national people.. malam macma kul 8pm wah baru durang datang .. Its really dark hahaha palui(bodoh)

Malam baru okay.. tapi malas pulak nak blajar. My mom tak sempat nak masak so me and my cuzen went to kadai makan near to my house... We hangout and just borak - borak.. Then while I ate I try to call HER.. then she pick up, We talk as usual then she said shes not mad at me.. and shes okay now.. she start to be terus terang.. tell me everything... the flame that had just started to blow now, its begins to relight again.. this what I want from this "thing".. trust.. the truth.. now I know the negative side of her...and I guess I can bear with it...

She doesn't like to be called that often.. that makes her feel uneasy.. she doesn't like us to waste credit and time just to sms... and I think thats what i need rite now, a knock on my head.. Ni kan masa EXAM so fudge this all thing focuss focus!!!!! hahah

This is what I ate "mee kong poo" haha weird huh?

okay then later...

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