Sunday, April 20, 2008

Simple me... With simple life..

Before this I never talk about my life

My real life...

Outside the campus.. Outside UiTM

They all thought that I'm rich, they all thought I'm manja and they all thought my life is complex
Yes I didn't take the offer of borrowing money from 'PTPTN' for my studies, doesn't mean that I'm rich.. it's just that I have plan.. Diploma is not that expensive so why should I borrow when my dad said he still can 'mampu' to support me. I will borrow it when I take degree later.. And why they said I'm rich? My dad is just a coach... not a manager..

Okay they said I'm manja.. Well I admit I'm manja cause I'm the last child.. I don't have any younger sister or brother after. That's why I'm sensitive sometimes, A BiT soft(not gay just a bit soft) and a big headed sometimes. But I do know how to manja others too.. Cause I have nephew and niece.. I love them very much..

And just because I being raise in Brunei but born in Malaysia, and now come back to Malaysia for further studies doesn't mean that my live is complex... I love Brunei And I malaysia... I've known Brunei for all My life is it wrong for me to leave in the place I was born..and trying to explore it..

I never share the inside of my family life and all cause it is too simple to tell.. My life is simple and I'm a simple guy... I enjoy simple food and enjoy simple relaxation... I'm not rich and I'm not poor .. My family status is just simply in the middle...

I love how simple my mom cook... even it doesn't look delicious or or macam "what is that?"
but I love it "nyaman kaliah,buleh!!!!"


If you don't like the simplicity of my life...
I guess, You guys just missed me
Cause I won't be What you want me to be

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