Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey there... hehe I'm really sorry for not updating
for a very long, long time... it's just I'm lazy to
go online hehe...
but I did draft what had happen in my lappy hehe..
So I include also the date...


My life is as ordinary as it always be...
It's just that today is the second-last day for
for the staff yang jaga stor, cause the uni yang ya
apply udah panggil ya...
And kebetulan pulang today my bos tukar tempat store...
So today banyak kerja seh... banyak gila!!! kan pindah
barang - barang from one place to the next doornya..
Since I have hati dan perasaan so I help them lah...
Give them a hand..

Petangnya about kul 5pm-ish we all gather in the kitchen,
a small celebration between us, to celebrate kak shima
(staff in the kitchen), abg Rashid (asst. manager a.k.a
head of store kepper) and Cik Mie (Manager) punya
birthday... well only abg rashid je yang birthday fall
on this day yang lain saje je celebrate cause inda
sampat last time...

There is 2 cakes.. one is chocolate and the other one
is blueberry... well the cakes were nyaman plang but
as you know I'm not a big fan of creamy cakes...
Unless it's ice-cream or fully chocolate then I pass

Okay thats all thank you..

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