Tuesday, September 11, 2007


DO you remember last time, I did mention about
the audition.. The 'One in the million' audition...
Well thankz to my friends yang suruh aku try for
fun I did try out for it...
Gila nervous seh...
I'm totally can't believe I was there...
Since I don't know what to sing, So i decided
to sing lagu yang aku selalu nyanyi haha
yes... "you raise m up" by josh groben

But sorry to say... I didn't even pass the first
part of the audition... Maybe I'm not good enough..
Funny thing is,I didn't feel devestated or anything
cause I've heard the same comment given by the
judges before... while I was in Brunei try-out
for the 'fine works production'punya star search...

Well I'm the fifth person to be judge, the judges
look familiar (a male and female, maybe I've seen then on t.v.
Then asked my to sing...
So I did my best...
Then the male judge said " your voice okay... but
it's too pitchy... So I want to give you another chance
can you sing another song for us... since this one..
you use different key in one song so sing another song.."
Unfortunately aku ani inda prepare for another song
blank jua otak ku tue... like nervous lagi ...
So ku antam lah nyanyi a short lagu from anuar zain and
it was terrible... nda caya nanti kamu liat tah sendiri
when they show it on t.v.
Malu ehhh...
then after I sang..
The guy said " sorry you need to work on the pitching"
The lady said " You have a very nice tone by the way
just need to practise more on the tecnical part.. then
you should b okay... Better luck next time.."
I said thank you then I went out..
You see .. the same wah pitching lari and very nice tone..
Like okay dijavu jua...
haha On the way kan balik rumah palui nya hujan labat wah!!!
Ku ikut my bro naik motor lagi tue.. nasib ku bawa baju hujan..

Well at least my life is not lame,suck and boring
all the time rite?

Okay chiao...

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