Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unexpected happiness hehehe

So yesterday is friday... and it was an off day work for me... so basicly I bangun akhir , pegi sembahyang jumaat then stay di rumah... spending myself doing... nothing but watching tv..

Until my bro.. 'Abg Boy' balik kerja around 6 or 7pm ish... and wanted to bring me beli hp baru... well actually andangnya lama udah plang I told him yang ku kan beli hp baru tapi ku alum have enough money...

So he suggested to buy using his credit card so I can pay him later monthly... berapa saja I wanted to pay... isn't that cool... hahahahahaha

So we went to KIP market... Still ku nda tahu jalannya.. hahaha

This is the phone I bought... Nokia 5700
RM990 cash
RM1009 Credit card
include 1G microsd card
3G, XpressMusic

I love this phone... haha I wanted this lama dah tapi I didn't want to tell anyone takut nda jadi bali hehe... (jangan jealous ya najat...)
I still use my old phone for my Brunei line..

Later after that my brother bawa ku ke banga bay... hehehe well I don't get the chance to play tho... we just went to makan..and liat the live singing performance by the place punya singer...

This my brother and my future sister-in-law (tunangnya)
Maybe tahun depan durang kahwin
Abg boboy & Kak Inang

OH!!! I forgot to tell you!!! hahaha after beli hp I found this weighting thingy and weight myself and you know what!!! haha I lost 5kg haha
Now I'm 75kg back to my normal weight... so now my goal is to turun sampai 70kg then I'll just maintan... awu 'putra' I know I envy ur body but you do now that ku will never dapat that kinda look.. haha and remember I'm not a faggot!!

This is my brother angkat 'putra'

Well itu saja for today...

haha later days

Miss you all

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