Thursday, December 18, 2008

Abit piss off

Right now I really f***ing nervous since my 2nd semesters' result is going to come out. Well I didn't do very well that is why i'm nervous

Suppose it will be publish in the student portal on 17/12/08. But then something happend yesterday and the system could not be open. I thought it was because of my internet connection problem but then Erin called me and told me the same thing happened to her.
I try again and again, keep on pressing the refresh button but not working.

Sasak dah aku tarus talipon, bahagian hal ehwal akademik UiTM Shah Alam (the main UiTM). Dia cakap ngan aku mungkin petang atau esok (which is today) baru dapat buka.

So I figure maybe he is right, so I check again like 5 pm or so?! And again it could not be open (the result I mean) but this time the date was change to 18/12/08 like what??!?!!!?

So here I am trying to check the result but disappointment caught me... like TAK ADE POWN!!!!!!!! boring nyer1!!!!!!! dah kecut perut aku nie......

Any thank azim!!!! for the video... like wah!!!!!!!!!! tapi syg nda brapa kedengaran suara nya...

Thank you so much...


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