Friday, September 19, 2008

WELL you found me hahaha...

Well Hillme.. How are you my bro..
I guess you r now A bruneian Singer yea?

haha btw I didn't know u have a blog.. but don't worry, I already linked yours to mine
So I will be your blog fan starting from now...k
And may I remind you.. aku bukan tinggal d KL lai.. aku d Johor..
Jauhn kaliah kalau kan travel ke sana 5 jam deh...
PAndai kan ku... berkurapak brunei hahaha
Okay lah... hehe
By the way... For those yang tak tahu my no. or confuse ker ape KeR..
I'm still using the same no...
Just text me.. and insyallah aku balas if I ada credit plang... hahahahahahaha

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