Tuesday, September 16, 2008

saw, see and will see

Well last Sunday, the JPK or should I say my JPK from Biro kebajikan dan keceriaan dan Biro Sukan buat their event which is the "Lagenda UiTM"
Biro Sukan - Buat event Bowling kat Angsana naik UiTM's bas
Biro Kebajikan dan Keceriaan - lead the day, my playing Congkak and creative Banner Competition.
And Me???<--- I'm their head and I don't know where to go and they don't even inform me what should I do.. So the day before the event (malas nak masuk campur nanti gaduh plak kan) so I went home..
On the day itself I asked my dad to drop me off kat Angsana cause nak lihat situation kat sana then, hired a taxi to College liahat orang main congkak pulak. Cause both Bowling and Congkak occured at the same time.. Pastu about 2+pm banner drawing pulak.. so aku just enjoyed myself taking pictures using UiTM punya camera.. BEST GILER!!!!!!
Then at 5pm ada closing ceremony pulak so they asked me change into formal attire so i did.. I was there because they want me to read the prayer.. like okaylah... tapi yang buat aku rasa tak best.. I thought I'm the Head of JPK but then in the ceremony,I was treated as if I'm their sub-ordinates.. Well I know, the event being held by U GUYS.. cause its YOUR BIRO but you still under me.. understand?? okay for example if you in a company.. and your organisation let say you in marketing department wanted to do an event..of cause you will be the Pengerusi of the majlis right? but then what happend to your boss? You going to just asked your bos do the work you asked if its your event..?? NO.. right.. you will at least treat him with respect Am I right??
Thank God the event turn out okay.. walaupun here and there ada kekurangan.. of cause lah no body perfect right?..
Here I want to congratulate both Biro on the successful event..

And then after the ceremony abis I just straight away naik bas balik rumah.. sampai rumah ngam-ngam time untuk SUNGKAI... well actually masa kat terminal larkin aku sempat singgah kat McD beli "Big N Tasty" set and also "Mc Delux"... And boleh plak terjumpa En Nazrul haha dia nak hantar adek dia kat terminal balik segamat...
Well.. yahh at least aku balik rumah aku tak fikirkan sangat...

Btw esok I'll be having my speaking test Again.. with the people yang I never have practise with, but this people memang excellent in English... And I got Economic Quiz.. And there are 2 event will be held by JPK-Biro Bina Insan which are MAsak Bubur Lambuk.. and then petangnya berbuka bersama anak yatim..

So busy day ahead of me......

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