Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3 weeks to go...


I just found out yesterday day my final exam is just around the corner... and I'm busy-ing myself with un neccesary thing...

Okay D'zAN what u need to do now:?
  • Study and practise past question
  • Still dont care about ur love life... (persetan kan semua itu)
  • Be less socialise..
  • Be selfish starting from now...
  • No group discussion cuz you know that u cud nver learn if u in one.
  • Persetankan other ppls business...\
  • Focus on how u wana get the anugerah dekan!!!!!!!!
  • Focus on A's!!!!!!!!!
  • Must get A!!!!

Hm.. i wil be dead soon wen i really do use the point above.. life wifout frens? shit!!!!! but anyways i will try my best to follow it after all "kubur masing masing... and if aku berjaya untuk aku juga but if aku fail bukan dorang akan join aku kan?"

Peace out


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