Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bye - bye boredem and say hi to Ngaleh!!!

Yesterday i woke up late so didn't jog and my time i wasted on watching T.V. sampai ke malam... Then macam pukul 10pm like that, I was asleep... my mom receive a call from the manager of Pasaraya Bistari, the supermarket dekat dengan my house, saying that I was accepted to work there as a cashier... (yes I know it's lame so what!) And I've to be there at 8am

So this morning I woke up at 6am, do what I always do... and went jogging at 6.30am
Jogged as far as i could then stop at this warung..

Beli sarapan for my family and myself hehe ( I know you would probably saying baru jogging tapi beli makanan ... This what I'm going to reply to... SHUT UP hahaha) So of course I have to walk back to my house...

The view of my house from below the hill

Again I want to show the view depan my house

So sampai rumah pukul 7.30am so apa lagi laju - laju lah aku mandi and getting ready for my first day of work...
I started walking to the shop at 7.55am I think, since it's really damn near.

I walk through here
An here is the place... Still closing hehe...

My experience as cashier so far was tiring... but I managed to catch up... Since today is holiday in Malaysia of course saturday... Ramai orang!!!!!! like okay I'm new with this thing so... SAKAI wah...... lambat lagi tue.. thank god I don't know any of them... kalau ku di Brunei wah ... Malu gila ku dibuat nya... salah type lah, salah click lah... kan taruh barang dalam plastik lagi kepayahan... nasib ada staff yang senior mcm kakak er.m.. I know her name but inda terclick nama nya right now hehe and the dude hm.. oh ya Rashid and ayul kali namanya (haha)... they help me a lot... thankz guys...
The working time pakai shift... I'm going to elaborate more next time... since my next shift starts at 6pm and now is 5pm so I guess I better getting ready hehe don't want to be late for the second impression to the boss... Anyway I'm still under probation and REMEMBER this job is just temporary I'm not planning to settle here... I just want to fill my time, while waiting for uni or other stuff...

Bye for now..

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