Monday, July 18, 2011

PAtot tak berhenti awal.?!?!?

Seriously... I'm getting bored with the work.. don't know why...
Its not because of the company, the company is fine.. not because of the managers.. the managers are awesome.. not because of the management.. the management is great... colleague? tak juge.. they all fantastic..
Maybe because.. I really can't do sale kot.. I don't really get sales this month, unlike last month.. huhuh... Bored bored bored..

I want to quit but I already promise to the Manager I'm not gonna quit until 22nd August.. where it is the date I will resign before naek sem... hm...
Kalau berhenti pun.. sayang weii... satu.. no gaji.. second.. no good portfolio huhuhhu... so??

I will Do my very best okay?

ohh btw today nothing much happen.. just work work work.. and teman kan marmia dinner.. thats all.. huhuhuh :P

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