Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taken from my indox in Facebook

To: ALL my friends... Pierre s . ULF and RHANE... and that we know....

July 19 at 10:24am
I know we don't really talk,
We're not really even friends now
But I want you all to know I'll be there,
Through the thick and through the thin
I wish we could still be close like before,
Like the way things used to be
I was there for you,
And you were there for me
Even though we're never talking,
Or together hanging around
I just want you to know,
I'll always be here to pick you up when you're down
my feeling says friends slowly moving away
I still need ur shoulder to cry on
i still need ur support
Also Remember me next time you cry,
I'm here to help,
To be with you
Side by Side

p/s : Please friends, dont leave me behind :'(
ive been so messd n f*ck up lately...
everything seems not right

BECAUSE I THINK, im losing u all..... :'((

July 19 at 11:54am
tetty ku syg, once we are friends, we will always be friends :)
no matter what happen, no matter how fucked up we are, if u need us, we will be there for you :)

time surely flies by dear, we might been busy with our own work, our own commitment, our own life, yet I always remember each and everyone of you, eventho we cant always meet like we used to. because eventho m not the greatest friend of all, I will always love kamu :')

insya allah, i will not let u guys behind, u guys are the coolest the greatest the bestest friends i could ever get. and most of all, i love u guys.

we're not losing each other, as long as we have the faith and the trust for one another. no matter how far we are, across the continent sekalipun, on the other side of the world sekalipun, we are together.

I always pray for all of your success, happiness, wealth n health.
eventho we're not having the moments like we used to have everyday, remember, we're one, we're friends, we're sisters, we're brothers, we're bestfriends, and most importantly, we are family, a unique family, the loving family, the everlasting family :)

I love u guys

p/s : ramdzan, we miss you

pp/s : syg i love u

ppp/s : michael jackson, u are missed, rip

pppp/s : aku syg kamu semua semua pun, semua semua sekali

*paluk kuat2

with love,
nysa :)

July 19 at 2:11pm
"u guys are the coolest the greatest the bestest friends i could ever get"

thats true..

ka, dont say that. no matter what.no matter what. YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY always be in my heart. i noe it sounds cynic. but its just so true. wen im with my others friends, i rather feel empty. something is missing. THE THING that WE ALWAYS HAVE. that i could never find in other. thats it, we will have each other. back side front ups and downs. no matter thru thick or thin life is.
you guys will always b part of my life eventho we dont hang o share shits, or good ones like we used too. but we will find our way to that again... eventually. just dont forget each other. just HOLD on to what we have now. im holding to that. we will have our moment together.

i noe we dont have that same old laughs. but lets make a new and GREAT one.

i think. my life with you guys are the best thing that i can ever ask for. its such a great adventure.

and i miss EACH one of you guys. ramdzan. everyone.

hugs kamu semua...
i LOVE you guys.
July 19 at 5:50pm
to my dearest pierre,

For I am here
Though we're far apart
YOU GUYS IS always a part of me
When you're down and trubled
And you need some love and care
I'll be there to brighten up
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there

just msg or call
i'll give it hundred and 5 percent to be there..
to be around.

i miss you guys and sayang my pierre ..
hugsssss kamu kamu ...
July 19 at 10:21pm
this is deeply from my heart.

you guys, the pierres.. are few things in my life that im afraid of losing.
for that i treasure every moment that we had gone thro together.
eventho i might not always be der for you guys..
but i will try my best to.
remember i will never lupakan kamu2 hingga ke anak cucu klu ksampaian..

tetty, ure not losing anyone
we still here for you with you.

i miss kamu semua jua and
i love you all..
Today at 8:24am
Distance make us a part...

But it wont stop us from loving each other...

Silent makes us forgot...

But it wont erase all the memories we had had...

For you guys..

Still near...

Still in the same country...

For me...

Its hard for me to accept everything in one go...

I had to leave the place a grew up...

People I know...

People I LOVE...

Friends I would never think that can be my friends...

When it did.. I had to leave them...

Its hard... It hurts..

But this is where I come from and this is where I should be...

My love to you guys will never die...

As long as we still in the same century and the same planet...

There is a a way to meet...

Maybe not now ... maybe not tomorrow.. or even next year...

But trust me...

When that day come... It will be the best moment, we going to remember and cherish it till we die...

I think I'm settling in Malaysia.. Cause my families are here...

But I try to frequently visit my second families there...

When I start working okay?... I Promise you guys that...

Just never lose contact with me... I need you guys in my life...

Love you all....

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