Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh My Family do Celebrate...

Well I know my family, We don't actually celebrate birthday..
We just wished them early in the mornng and thats all...
Kalau tak pun the birthday person will buy food from outside or eating out together
thats all....

But then my family, my mom actually surprised me..
On the night of my birthday (monday malamnya)
I was asleep okey..
And My mom Woke me up, siap renjis kan air kat muka lagi
My mom never do that to me since I was 10
Then My dad yelled my name asking me to get up
Aku pun liat lah jam tapi tidak berapa nampak cuz I could find me glasses
But Im sure it's night time, rasenyer macam aku baru je nak nyenyak tidor
Then bile aku perg i ke ruang tamu
Rupenye .. JEng jeng JEnG....
Happy Birthday.. And They Start to sing...
Like okaay... Aint I too Old for this?
But Hey at least My world And My Life is not that boring...

I dont actually eat the cake though.. cuz dah malam
besides, cake and me are not a good combination hehhe (sebanarnya aku tak berapa suka kek, if cheese cake macam mama si Hana buat inda jua apa hehe)

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