Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bye Bye J.P.K.

My busy days with J.P.K.( Jawatankuasa perwakilan kolej) sudah habis...
Its been a year since I become part of the team but now the J.P.K. batch 2008/2009 will be replace by the new one, batch 2009/2010.
Hm... so far my experience become the Yang Dipertua of J.P.K. is not badlah.
Walaupun kadang - kadang tu stressful tapi the most important thing is that I learn a lot of thing from it.. For example, the way you act. With students lain, dengan lecturer lain and dengan admin staff lain... If not memang tak lah nak dapat tolong dengan dorang.

This question always being ask to me and I getting sick of it:
Dzan, you don't want to become the next batch's JPK?
Well actually the answer will be DON'T KNOW. Cause I love being with a team and if I'm not joining any of this stuff, then who am I? Then again I don't want people saying that I ni GILE KUASE and I fikir jugak kalau I tak pass this job, other people wouldn't experience, what I had experience. ain't I right? so yeah .. the conclusion... NO Thanks... lets others join..

Before I end this I would like to thank all the member of J.P.K. batch 2008/2009:
  • Marmiah (NYDP)
  • Ain (Setiausaha)
  • Khairah (Bendahari)
  • Chiin (Biro bina insan)
  • Dayah (Biro bina insan)
  • Syuk (Biro bina Insan)
  • Rina (Biro Kecerian)
  • Peanut(biro kecerian)
  • Eka (biro kecerian)
  • Erin (biro sukan)
  • Azly (biro Sukan)
  • Izati (biro sukan)
  • Ina (biro sukan)
We may not be the best team of JPK but we are the best on doing jobs as a team and we never fail to satisfied the students as well as the staff/lecturer. I'm proud of you guys ... Good job well done ... Thank you...


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princesz mia said...

my dear, ko terlupa letak 'h' kat blakang name aku. ape pon...thanks a lot!