Sunday, December 21, 2008

My new gadget..

I just subscribe with celcom broadband on friday evening, the first day of PIKOM PC Fair at Persada Hall Johor Bahru. I sign on the package that has 18 months contact. Payment made upon purchasing is RM199.00. First 2 motnhs free usage. Then have to pay RM129.00/month until the contract finish, then it will change to RM98/months. Unlimited usage. This package include modem thats why have an agreement and a bit expensive for the first 18months.

I'm happy with the connection so far...

Less waiting, a bit faster then the wireless at college, and I can online all I want and anywhere I want. HEHEHE my favourite site to visit now is cause I can catch up & watch all the DRAMA with turn on the T.V. heheheheheh

Nice huh??!

okay chaouw!!!!!

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