Thursday, March 6, 2008

new person in my life

Muhd Saiful Aizuddin Ahmad Zaki aka 'prof'

Nor Azreen Aris aka 'erin'

This is the 2 person that I'm close with. Happy or Sad, I'm with them.. Prof I dont know how i met him. Seriously we have nothing in common, he is younger by 2 year.. and dia gile2 orng nya .its just that he's in the same class with me and understand me... unlike erin she is kinda like my twins... her age is the same as mine so yeah.. both of them R My Buddies here in malaysia...

The rest here... antah ah.. aku pun inda tahu.. umur durang muda dari aku 2 tahun and durang fikir durang anie MATANG wah tapinya durang masih child-ish, so yeah malas tah ku ingau...

p/s this the person that reminds me of my friend bakc in Brunei

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